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Antiseptic Products

Dyna-hex is a true anti-microbial soap. It has what Dial and other "anti-bacterial" soaps don't: Dyna-hex contains CHG, the most effective agent available for skin disinfection. When used repeatedly, Dyna-hex CHG leaves the hands bacteriostatic for up to six hours.

For cleaning minor cuts and scrapes, no product works better. Dyna-hex is an essential part of Quality First Aid for home or office. Make it a part of yours today.

  • BINDS: Dyna-hex binds to the surfaces of the skin, creating a persistent effect not seen in alcohol, iodine or any other anti-bacterial products.
  • EFFECTIVE: Dyna-hex continues to be effective in the presence of organic substances (blood) - unlike iodine.
  • effective against gram(-) and gram(+) bacteria
  • NON-TOXIC: When used as directed, Dyna-hex is safe and exceptionally effective.
  • FAST-ACTING: Dyna-hex acts quickly -- critical for effective infection control.

Dyna-hex has the following approved uses: Surgical Hand Scrub, Preoperative Patient Preparation, Health Care Personnel Handwash, Skin Wound and General Skin Cleansing